Canada FAQS

January 26, 2014

Canada — USA Price Comparisons

Is it less expensive to study in Canada than the USA?

YES !! The Canadian dollar is at .89 – a saving of 11%.
Life costs are virtually the same in dollar terms between Canada and the USA.
Do Canadians have experience with foreign nationals?

YES !! Canada is truly a multi-cultural country as almost every language and culture is represented. You will be able to find food, here products, capsule services, seek entertainment from almost every country, region or culture.

In addition to expatriates from 189 countries you can experience unique Canadian life-styles and activities, and experience the international flavor of a truly multi-cultural nation. You can learn English and sample all the styles of pronunciation, Canadian, British, American, Australian, and South African right here in Canada.
When is Homestay the best option for ESL students staying in Canada?

Homestay is the best option for short stay students (under 10 weeks) and for students under the age of 21 years, or students who have never travelled or lived on their own, students at a beginner English level not confident of their language skills.

Do I have to pay all my homestay fees in advance?

No !! You can pay for the first month, then choose month by month.

What percentage of students want to change their homestay after 1 month?
Of the students we talked to over the years over 60%.
( see student testimonials for more info)
Do I require Medical Insurance to enter Canada as a student?

YES !! Medical insurance is regulated by each of the Provinces in Canada.

What is the cost of medical insurance in Canada?

Prices start at 2.05 per day.

Can I buy insurance in Canada and have the coverage information sent to me so I can use it to show immigration upon entry into Canada?

YES !! This is the best method, the insurance services are excellent and less expensive in Canada.

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How to Select a Professional English Language Tutor

January 5, 2014

Students should pick the tutor who has the education, theory training, teacher training and work experience that can actually help the student’s education goal.

If a student wants to improve their pronunciation then they should study with a teacher with accent reduction training, communications training or a voice coach.

If a student wants to learn advanced business English then they should study with a tutor who has business education, teacher training and business experience as a professional.

Students have to understand that price and quality are not always related so they have to have a basic schedule for pricing and quality of tutor instruction.

When hiring a tutor ask to see proof of their education, training and experience. Good tutors have a professional web page with pictures, certificates and experience listed and usually have a resume or professional teaching portfolio available to show prospective students.

When hiring a tutor ask how the tutor will test your current skills. Ask how the teaching materials will be used. Ask what teaching materials will be used. Ask if and how skills testing will occur. Ask what teaching methods will be used. Ask if homework is assigned.

Some students want to study with their friends. Ask the tutor if a small group can be taught at the same or special price. With conversation based programs the small group forms can offer excellent learning and practice sessions and better prices.

Hiring a tutor is like hiring an employee. There are lots of tutors with different prices and levels of education, teacher training and work experience.

Hire a tutor that will help you achieve your goal.

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How to Choose the Best English School

December 18, 2013

Students should be able to choose their school based on honest, recipe accurate and current school, cialis program and cost information.

Asking proper questions will help students save money, save time, lessen culture shock, and choose the best school and study program based on their unique student needs and preferences.

You can use the following Example Questions to Ask to confirm ESL School ownership, management, prices, policies, qualifications, operations, facilities, services, programs, terms, instruction, courses and homestay.

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Welcome to the Schools in Canada Blog

December 17, 2013

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