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Best Education Training Workshops

Best Education Training Workshops lists: dates, times, locations, costs, speakers, presenters, topics, training links, resources, schools, organizations, qualifications, requirements, descriptions, travel details, and more.

Canada Student Jobs

Students require jobs to accomplish a variety of goals. Some students choose jobs to experiment. Student questions are – do they want to work in that industry? – in that company? or in that capacity?. A student job as an intern, volunteer or contract worker can provide a valuable observation platform.

Career Training in Canada

Career training programs that prepare students for well paying jobs in Canada. These programs offer instruction from industry professionals that offer true industry experience, current techniques and may include work study cooperative placements. ESL in Canada will offer initial counseling for these programs.

College in Canada

There are some excellent Canadian college programs that offer one, two, three and four year diploma and certificate programs that are the finest college programs in the world. College programs include technical, administration and trade skill programs.

Education Articles Blogs Websites

Education can occur from a wide variety of sources and in many different situations and this blog will feature education from the more eclectic resources.

English Grammar Glossary Blog

An English grammar glossary is a list of English language linguistic and grammatical terms, grammar definitions, explanations, context examples and cross-references to other relevant English grammar terms.

English Idioms Blog

English Idioms are words, phrases, or expressions with a meaning that cannot be derived from the literal translations of the individual words. English Idioms are used in everyday life, school, the arts, business and sports.

English Lessons in Canada

Canada is one of the best places for international students to study and practice English as a second language, tour many of the natural wonders of the world and experience multi-culturalism.

English Schools in Canada

English Schools in Canada includes university English departments, English as a second language departments, college English departments, college ESL programs, college academic preparation programs, college bridge programs, public high school ESL education programs, private high school ESL education programs and private ESL English language schools. 

FREE Language Exchanges Blog

English speakers will be matched with speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, Chinese, French, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, and others to practice their second language. 

High School in Canada

High School in Canada will provide information about the official Provincial Ministries of Education High Schools, high school programs, high school admission and graduation requirements, high school core courses, high school electives, high school activities, clubs and sports.

Homestays in Canada

Homestay in Canada can be a wonderful experience for students to receive real one-on-one tutoring in English pronunciation, language rhythm, tone and timing. The student can hear oral demonstrations and practice their basic conversation skills in a positive nurturing environment that no mass language class in Canada can duplicate.

Immigration in Canada

Immigration in Canada is an information blog that will cover immigration topics, provide web resources information articles, how to immigrate tips, who to contact, what to prepare, how to start, what to expect, English language training requirements and job training and how to get a job as an immigrant in Canada.

Jobs in Canada

Jobs in Canada can be permanent jobs, temporary jobs, contract jobs, professional jobs, administration jobs, technical jobs or internship work experience. Info includes work visas, job openings, work permits, criteria for health and medical clearances, language proficiency, employment standards, education requirements, work experience requirements, job skills, job duties and responsibilities.

Learn English Blog

Learn English Blog – Learn English Blog provides free ESL English grammar, vocabulary, writing, conversation lessons, examples, definitions, links and resources for ESL English language students studying English as a second language.

Learn English Laughing

Learn English Laughing will present comedy, humour, puns, riddles, jokes examples explanations for international ESL English language students

Live Study Teach Work in Canada

Live Study Teach Work in Canada blog will promote, explain and show examples of study programs, teacher training or jobs, lifestyle and work programs. This blog will be useful for people who wish to travel to Canada and new Canadians.

Schools in Canada

Schools include: English schools, language schools, university colleges, universities, college, academy, academies, institute, institutes, camps, summer camp for kids, summer camps for students, wintercamps for students, public high and elementary schools, private high and elementary schools, career training, vocational training, activity training, licensed trades training.

Street Talk English Survival Tips

Street Talk English Survival Tips Blog – Learn English slang, jargon, expressions, idioms and informal speech and language heard on the street. Street Talk English Survival Tips for international ESL English students, businessmen and visitors to the English speaking community.

Study English in Toronto

Toronto has ESL English programs in University, College, Institutes, High schools, private English language schools, education organizations, charity organizations, re-settlement organizations, Canada Federal and Provincial government sponsored programs and private English Language teachers and tutors.

Teach English Blog

Teach English Blog – Teach English Blog will feature ESL teaching articles, observations, comments, examples, lesson plans, resources, references, methods and advice for potential, new and experienced ESL English Teachers.


TOEFL TOEIC IELTS Cambridge Test Information includes preparation, exam questions, quizes, essays, short answer, listening, speaking, conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar and writing composition.

Toronto Ontario Canada

Toronto Ontario Canada blog has news articles announcements reviews opinions comments reports lists attractions entertainment personalities organizations services and products people can use and enjoy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

University in Canada

Canada has excellent University programs for Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate Degrees and Post-Doctorate programs. Admission usually includes language skills and prerequisite courses. ESL in Canada can provide initial counseling for students.

WordPress Education Blogs

Good 2018 News about English Schools in Canada

Some of the best ESL English teachers in the world are Canadians and they teach English in Canada. The professional English language schools pay teachers from $25 to 45 dollars per hour, have an excellent proven curriculum, use a variety of educational materials, integrate computer CALL programs and audio-visual formats into the teaching process.

The ESL teachers are experienced, certified and have a TESL Canada rating based on education and experience. The schools provide orientation, homestay, activities and field trips for students. Students can improve their English skills and enjoy their participation in these excellent programs.

International agents earn from 5 to 15% commission from these higher quality accredited ESL English schools so you know 95 to 85 % of the money goes towards resources for the students.

Bad News about English Schools in Canada

There are a large number of foreign and agency owned schools in Canada. Some large agencies from Korea, China, USA and South America have opened “insta-schools” and place students into these “so-called exclusive private schools”. These can not be viewed as Canadian schools.

These poor value schools have larger classes with fewer facilities and less teaching resources. Some of these schools operate un-accredited TESL programs and use inexperienced unsupervised unpaid student teachers for their programs. These sham English language schools should be avoided.

Many of these insta-schools are temporary offices that have no programs, no history of operations, unqualified management and un-certified teachers.

English schools that operate only to make profit pay the teachers the minimum 14 dollars per hour, usually have no curriculum – they just use workbook series, they do not have libraries, or computer labs or audio-visual resources.

International agents earn from 30 to 50% commission from the sham schools. Students should know that half of the money does not go towards teaching or learning resources. The sham ESL English language schools should be avoided.

Go to the FAQS Page, Questions to Ask and Consumeralert for additional information.

Parents and Students should make up a long series of questions to know exactly what to expect and receive for your hard earned tuition fees. Students should talk to international students who have attended the school. Students should attend regular classes as a trial lesson before signing a longer term contract. Students should use a professional independent education consultant before registering at any private English language school in Canada.

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The following are links to Schools in Canada.

Career Training

There are over 1000 career training programs that prepare students for well paying jobs in Canada, the USA and other countries throughout the world. These programs offer instruction from industry professionals that offer true industry experience, current techniques and may include work study cooperative placements.

University in Canada

Canada has a fine selection of University programs for Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate Degrees and Post-Doctorate positions. The specialties include some of the World’s finest cutting-edge original technology and the tradition bound fundamental disciplines. Admission to the programs is dependent on the individual Universities and usually includes language skills and prerequisite courses.

Colleges in Canada
There is a wide variety of quality in College programs in Canada. There are some excellent college programs that offer two or three year programs that are the finest in the world.

ESL English Schools in Canada
Good News about English Schools in Canada – Some of the best ESL English teachers in the world are Canadians and they teach in Canada.

ESL English Tutors in Canada
The official ESL in Canada recommendation for serious students over the age of 18 is to hire a professional ESL English tutor.

Public Education – Elementary and Secondary School Programs
In Ontario, all permanent residents between the ages of 6 and 16 must attend school. Elementary schools provide Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs (for children aged 4 and 5) and programs for grades 1 through 8. Secondary schools currently offer programs from Grade 9 through to Grade 12, as well as Ontario Academic Courses (OACs).

LINC Programs in Canada (language instruction for new Canadians)
The Government of Canada, in cooperation with local school boards, community colleges, immigrant and community organizations, offers language training across the country. The name of the program is LINC, which stands for Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada.

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