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The following are links to Schools in Canada.

Career Training

There are over 1000 career training programs that prepare students for well paying jobs in Canada, the USA and other countries throughout the world. These programs offer instruction from industry professionals that offer true industry experience, current techniques and may include work study cooperative placements.

University in Canada

Canada has a fine selection of University programs for Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate Degrees and Post-Doctorate positions. The specialties include some of the World’s finest cutting-edge original technology and the tradition bound fundamental disciplines. Admission to the programs is dependent on the individual Universities and usually includes language skills and prerequisite courses.

Colleges in Canada
There is a wide variety of quality in College programs in Canada. There are some excellent college programs that offer two or three year programs that are the finest in the world.

ESL English Schools in Canada
Good News about English Schools in Canada – Some of the best ESL English teachers in the world are Canadians and they teach in Canada.

ESL English Tutors in Canada
The official ESL in Canada recommendation for serious students over the age of 18 is to hire a professional ESL English tutor.

Public Education – Elementary and Secondary School Programs
In Ontario, all permanent residents between the ages of 6 and 16 must attend school. Elementary schools provide Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs (for children aged 4 and 5) and programs for grades 1 through 8. Secondary schools currently offer programs from Grade 9 through to Grade 12, as well as Ontario Academic Courses (OACs).

LINC Programs in Canada (language instruction for new Canadians)
The Government of Canada, in cooperation with local school boards, community colleges, immigrant and community organizations, offers language training across the country. The name of the program is LINC, which stands for Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada.

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