Foreign-born Psychopath Destroys Canadian School

Read the story – provide some comments – what would you suggest?

This is ACT 1 of 8

The ESL school wanted to expand – it wanted to develop the PCC division.

The new DLI legislation required considerable investment so they decided to bring in new investors and really expand the program to become a large revenue producing division.

The city director promoted one of his tall blue-eyed blond Canadian ESL teachers who performed all the rule enforcement functions. The ESL teacher became the PCC director.

If fact the first time in the new PCC director’s office I looked at his computer screen – he was writing his as yet unpublished novel. This is what English majors with a masters in writing do – they write. The first interview was interrupted by his internet phone several times as his wife and kids phone him all day long. The interview had to be cut off short as he had to go to the gym with his personal trainer. He said come back later. I came back later and he said “sorry I have to leave early to catch the train”.

I asked the teacher with the class right beside the manager – is this normal? – the teacher was disgusted and said yeah – he comes in late – leaves for hours for lunch or the gym – talks to his wife and kids all day and leaves early.

The main campus has 3 people to schedule 1200 students, 100 teachers in 100 classrooms over 3 locations.

The PCC director said he needed help to schedule 80 students, 6 teachers in 6 classrooms in 1 location.

The school put out a request and one of the PCC teachers recommended a student services manager from another PCC. After the new staff was hired the recommending teacher told all the men at the PCC that the new female manager was his fiance. The men discussed the announcement and viewed it as a threat – teacher X was marking his territory.

At a teacher & management meeting the PCC director said head office has new books for the CS program and job search skills class and you must use them right away.

The new student services manager had to go head office for training – the PCC director said pick up these new books and bring them back for the teachers.

Four days later when the student services manager returns the job search skills class teacher goes to the student services manager’s office and asks for the new books.

The student services manager says she gave the books to teacher X.

The job search skills class teacher says I am supposed to use those books starting today.

The student services manager says no you can not have it – the books have to be changed.

The job search skills class teacher goes to the PCC director and says I can not get a new book so I can not use it in this session of classes.

The PCC director told the job search skills class teacher I was ordered by the national director to use this book I will look into it.

Later that day the PCC director says to the job search skills class teacher – sorry the books have to be changed.

The job search skills class teacher asks – why am I not changing the books – I have 35 years experience with HR in this province – I wrote the original WPS and JSS books 20 years ago and gave them to Michelle the manager setting up these programs so that school graduates working in my office would be properly trained – also teacher X has no HR experience and has only been in Canada 3 years?

The PCC director says teacher X volunteered to change the books.

The teacher X did change the books – there were many changes – all the same – the city A and province A – was changed to city B and province B.

The job search skills class teacher has to hand in the class attendance sheets to the new student services manager. The student services manager is in a shared office with 3 other woman. When the job search skills class teacher walks in the office the female student services manager cowers under her desk like a previously whipped dog. The 3 other women look at the female student services manager cowering under her desk and look at the job search skills class teacher. They go to the city director and say – something must have happened.

The city director hauls the job search skills class teacher into his office and says I have a complaint from the PCC director and multiple sources that the new student services manager is afraid to talk to you.

The job search skills class teacher says I have done nothing wrong. This is just an act playing the victim. You know me from my previous 10 years here as a teacher and during my 20 years volunteer work with outreach services – I have seen this type of behavior before. The fake behavior as a whipped dog is disgusting and is not appropriate and should be considered as a form of libel/slander and character assassination. If you want the inappropriate behavior stopped you have to confront it – expose all the facts and follow the normal workplace rules and regulations.

By the way what happened to the orders from the national director and the PCC director. These orders were ignored and without the new books this withholding action can be considered as constructive dismissal.

Guess what happened ?

Did the weak unprofessional PCC director create the opportunity for the psychopath?

Should the PCC director be punished for not enforcing his original order plus the order of his boss the national director?

Did the new student services manager just quickly learn the PCC director – her boss – was completely unprofessional and acted as a normal corporate shark and just undermined his authority to gain advantages for her and her fiance ?

Should managers be allowed to give advantages to their “fiance” who work at the same company?

Should the new student services manager be punished ?

In any normal company – the inappropriate behavior plus withholding work materials would be grounds for instant dismissal with cause – did the company make a mistake by not firing the manager.

Did the new student services manager stop her campaign of ignoring orders, performing fake actions of a victim or favoring her fiance or become emboldened by her success and perform larger actions to enrich herself?

Should the teacher  X be transferred out of the department?

Should the teacher X be punished for not disclosing the relationship with the new student services manager before her employment?

Should the teacher X be punished for threatening the staff and students that the new student services manager is his fiance?

Should teacher X the boyfriend teach the job skills class because he is the only one with the new book?

Guess who was fired or demoted ?

A – new student services manager ?
B – job search skills class teacher ?
C – teacher X the boyfriend ?
D – PCC director ?
E – National director ?

What were the longer-term consequences of all this drama?

Did you Guess ??

Look below

Yes B removed from teaching WPS & JSS, D and E demoted !!!

ACT 2 of 8

The PCC Marketing Manager in a brave announcement says that they are planning for huge success for 2016, 2017 and 2018. We should reach 400, 600 and 800 registrations because of our marketing programs. The PCC will be expanded across Canada.

One of the students who transferred from the PCC of the former student services manager did so because of the unprofessional behavior there. She was now transferring back to her original PCC because her experience was that the student services manager was completely unprofessional. This student told almost every student in the school why she left the old PCC and why she was leaving this PCC and advised all the remaining students to leave.

Nine of the students in the teacher X’s  new job search skills class went to the old job search skills teacher and said teacher X is teaching us the wrong stuff and we are not happy. The old teacher said what is wrong?

The students said our resumes were rejected by the coop department who does the internship placements. If we can not get a good job to support our study program then we have wasted our entire year and all our money.

The old teacher said I was removed from teaching this course and can not comment about teacher X. You have to go to the PCC director and explain your problem – I can do nothing to help you.

The students armed with their teacher X experience, the coop department’s rejections plus all the social media posts of previous students went to the PCC Director to complain.

The PCC director goes to the coop manager and asks what is wrong and is given a list of problems.

The PCC director goes to the old teacher and asks him to help teacher X. The old teacher says sorry – I told you the truth 3 months ago – the three of you ignored me and have been pissing on me ever since – this is your problem.

The new student services manager goes to the coop manager and blasts her for complaining about teacher X her fiance. Two weeks later the coop manager announces that after 8 years with the school she is leaving to go back to being an HR manager with a very prestigious international company.

The teacher X did change the WPS and JSS books – there were many changes – all the same – the city A and province A – was changed to city B and province B, however the necessary changes because of different programs, visas, labor regulations were not done as teacher X had no knowledge of the other provincial programs, rules or regulations.

Students talk – a lot – on social media – as a group they are not stupid – they know what is going on.

There are about 200 social media posts warning students not to go to the PCC. Students claim that they are ignored or insulted or threatened by the student services manager. They are threatened because teacher X is the fiance of the manager to whom they are complaining to about teacher X. Social media complaints are 40% books, 50% management and 10% lack of jobs as no coop manager to help them.

The marketing department tracks social media and asks why are there so many complaints about student services management in Toronto?

Can you provide answers or opinions about the following

Should the student services manager be punished for abusing the coop dept manager for explaining all the mistakes in the uncorrected books and the unsuitable instruction by teacher X?

Should teacher X be fired for not correcting the WPS books and/or for his lack of relevant content teaching?

Should the school be sued for allowing the conflict of interest between the teacher X and the student services manager who ignored, or insulted or threatened students who had honest and correct complaints?

Should the old WPS teacher sue for toxic work conditions and discrimination?

Should the students get a refund for the incorrect books, incorrect instruction and the lack of coop manager to help them get a suitable work placement internship which is 50% of their program?

Why was the student services manager allowed to ignore orders from the PCC director, national PCC director, allowed to replace the WPS teacher and abuse another department director ?

Can you guess what happened?

What happened to the the marketing departments goals?

What happened to the marketing manager?

Did you Guess ??

Look below

Yes the marketing manager was fired.

Highest school registration was 280 way down from the 400, 600 and 800 predictions.

The PCC lost 2 managers who were experienced and who attracted students, agents and lost work experience jobs for students.

Students aged 18 to 35 use social media to make purchases. Short term lost revenue by students who told their friends is estimated as 45 non-referrals or $ 450,000 in lost revenue in the first 3 months of bad actions by this foreign born psychopath who is destroying the Canadian school.

By nine months after the loss of 2 directors and the demotion of the experienced WPS teacher the estimated lost revenue by complaints in social media was estimated to be up to 105 registrations or over 1 million in lost revenue.

Read the next set of ACTs to discover how this foreign born psychopath lost large group contracts and sparked hundreds of social media posts that all together has cost the school another 2 Million in lost revenue.